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Deponti exclusively uses woods with a sustainability quality mark, which guarantees responsible and sustainable products. 


Trebbiano patio roofs are finished with high-quality products, which allows us to guarantee their lifespan and provide a beautiful finish. 


Possibilities For Expansion: You can easily personalise your Trebbiano by adding various options


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About Deponti

The Trebbiano patio roof is custom-made in the Netherlands and can be
installed as a home addition or a stand-alone object. We use sustainably
produced and certified hardwood for the Trebbiano, in accordance with our strict quality

standards. This is why we consider the Trebbiano as the pinnacle of our collection.
In order to meet your design needs, we selected a network of specialists for
the Trebbiano. They know the possibilities and are happy to brainstorm with you to
create the outdoor experience of your dreams.

In addition to the Trebbiano patio roof, we also launched a beautiful new line of
hardwood tables that look stunning both indoors and out.

We would like to introduce you to the pinnacle of the Deponti collection, which
perfectly examples our commitment to outdoor, comfort and more.

Ben de Ponti